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New Years Day
1 Jan
Christmass trees. Very common to western Christmas. Most of labour surviving their hangover.
Remembrance Day
12 Jan
This Day Turkmens commemorate all people died in local wars since the Great Game and particulary in 1840, when Russian troops took over Geok Tepe fortress. This day Turkmens took national flags down and serve sadaka-funeral repast.
Kurban Bairam
12 Feb
Sacrifice feast.
National flag Day
19 Feb
Also falls on birth date of famous Turkmenbashi-Saparmurad Niyazov.
Int. womens' day
8 March
Flowers, perfume and chocolate for women. The males do all house works. Women also get special attention and usuallyreceive flowers and a gift.
21-22 March
Asian "Ney Year" and Equinox Day. Turkmens cook farinaceous meals and malt cereal, but the main dish remains "semene" -cooked wheat sprouds. This day they usualy have guests for dinner and teens are out for street festivals.
Victory day
9 May
Commemoration end of WWII. Military parade. Greeting veterans.
Revival, Unity and Mahtumkuli Fragi poetry Day.
18-19 May
Originaly celebrated separately these holidays were united by special decree of Turkmenbashi.
Remembrance Day of 1948 earthquake
6 Oct
Commemorating day of all souls died in 1948 earthqauke of 10 grade by Richter scale and which was recognised by UNESCO as the most destructing catastrophy of 20th century. This day Turkmens lay wreaths on memorials and serve funeral repasts.
Independance day
27-28 Oct
The most official holiday in Turkmenistan, the celebrations include military parade, folclore festivals thru the country, horse races, shows, bankets etc.
Ramadan Bairam
14-16 Nov
The end of great fast during which Muslims have no right to eat and drink before sunset.
Neutrality Day
12 Dec
A second by its importance holiday in Turkmenistan. Celebrates Turkmen permanent neutrality accepted by UN resolution on 12 Dec in 1995.

In addition to official holidays and days-off there are also some interesting holidays that are celebrated by local folks.

Last Sunday of May Day of Turkmen carpet.

First Sunday of April

Day of water and artificial mitigation of stanning climate of Karakorum desert.

First Sunday of April

Day of Ahalteke - Turkmen runners.

Note: International organisations and foreign embassies are closed on both Turkmen and their respective national holidays. Make sure you plan your visits to places and other activities in advance.

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