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  Placed in the heart of Central Asia on the historic crossroads of trade and cultural exchanges between many of oriental countries, Uzbekistan has accumulated very rich heritage and original cultural continuity what dates back to many thousand years of history and antiquity.

  Brousing through the following links the one can find a lot of interesting things related to ancient culture and history of Uzbek nation. Batik art - will tell you how the Uzbeks painted their variagated national clothers, Language profile- tells about the origin roots of Uzbek language, Cuisine - is probably the most tasteful page on this site, Yurta provides you inside the ancient Uzbek dvelling, bit different but still very similar is the Karakalpakian yurta- the main dwelling of Karakalpaks. Jewellery is a jewellery, Mahallya will tell you about ancient and complicated form of public relations in Uzbek city blocks. Have never heard about national Uzbek hat? Go to Tyubiteika to find out everything about it. And fashion is for everybody who wants to know more about what the Uzbeks wore in the past.

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