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  Al Farabi was born in a small village near Farab in Turkistan in 870 AD in the family of general. His parents were of Persian origin but it some books it is said that he was Turkic. His first knoledge he obtained in Farab and Bukhara and later continued in Bagdhad for extencive studies where he lived from 901 to 942 AD. Here he obtained mastership in several languages along with other sciences and technologies. In Europe hi was known as al-Phrarabius.

  During his life Al-Farabi travelled around many lands enriching his knowledge, lived for a while in Egypt and Damascus but always came back to Baghdad until he came to Saif Al-Daula's kingdom in Halab (Allepo) where his world fame found him as a wise and fair companion of the King.

  He died in Damascus in 950 AD at the age of 80 years during which he contributed many of his works to various sciences. There are 117 books of Al-Farabi that are known to the world out of which 43 are on logic, 11 on metaphysics, 7 on ethics, 7 on political science, 17 on music, medicine and sociology, while 11 are commentaries. Some schools of the East still use works of Al Farabi as a studybooks.

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