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  Abai Kunanbaev is recognized as a founder of Kazakh written literature and literary language. He was born on 10 August in 1845 in the region of Semipalatinsk. First knowledge he obtained at home from hired mullah and later in medresse.

  Abai devoted many of his works to the violence of Kazakh labour rights e.g."Oh my Kazakh! My poor people!". Number of works were devoted to youth: "Our children", "Only youth - happy flower of life". And a real treasure is his poems expressing his feelings and love to the nature of his land: "Autumn", "Winter".

  Abai was promoting against polygamy, principe of "bride for money", slavery and for equal rights for men and women.

  As a gifted interpreter Abai gave Kazakh people to enjoy the pearls of russian classic literature. During 15 years he translated more then 50 works of russian writers like Pushkin, Lermontov, Krylov etc.

Aliases: Abay Qunanvaev, Qunanbayev, Kunanbayev.

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