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  Chokan Valikhanov is recognized as a founder of Kazakh democratic publicism. He was born in Kushmurun in 1835. He graduated from Omsk Military School.

  He has done much work on exploring eastern Central Asia during his mumberous trips around this region. and especially Kyrgyzstan. He was the first one who wrote down and described some parts of famous Kyrgyz epos "Manas". His research completed during his military-scientific expedition promoted unknown Central Asia to western world.

  Most valueble works of Chokan Valikhanov: "Diary. Trip to Issyk-kul", "Kyrgyzes", "Western territory of the Chinese Empire and city Kuldja", "Feature stories about Djungari", "About the condition of Altyshara or six east cities of the Chinese province Nan-Lu", "Kyrgyz genealogy", "Legends and traditions of the great Kyrgyz-Kaisar horde", "Shana-batyr", "Edige".

Aliases: Tshokan Valihanov.

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