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  Hodja Ahmed Yassavi was born in the town of Sairam near Shymkent in 1103. Sheikh Arslan-Bab was Akhmed's first spiritual teacher and mentor. After his death Hodja Ahmed countinued his education in Bukhara where he studied a course of Sufi doctrine. For a while he was the head of the Bukhara Sufis but later he left this place of honour and went to the town of Yassi where he started his preaching.

  Hodja Ahmed Yassavi tought people to be good and to despise greed and cupidity. His poems also were a subject of great popularity. The poet's fame grew year by year. His poems entered the world cultural treasury.

  According to the legend Hodja Ahmed descided to express his respect to the prophet Mohammed by spending the rest of his life in the underground part of the mosque preaching when he reached the age of 63 (age of Mohammed at his death). Ahmed Yassavi died in 1166/67 and was burried in a small mausoleum errected especially for him which later became a holy place for asian moselim piligrims. Triple visit of the masoleum still equals to one hadj to Mecca.

  233 years later Great Timur ordered to build a new masoleum which remains until our days impressing people by the giant beauty of it's shapes. Massive domes and huge facade of the masoleum of 46 by 65 meters in the base with 2 meters thick walls reflects the real importance of the great mentor Hodja Ahmed Yassavi.

Aliases: Khodja Akhmed Yassawi, Koja Ahmed Iassavi, Hodzha Ahmed Yasavi, Yasawi.

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