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  Culture of Kazakhstan is very depending on the history of the region. Invasion of Geghis Khan and ruling of his sons who ruined most of ancient cities brought Kazakhs to nomadic way of life which is reflected in present day culture of the country.

  Horseback nomadic lifestyle of Kazakhs affected their entertaining contests which are represented in national games "Kokpar", "Kyz-kuu", "Audaryshpak" etc.

  Traditional foodways are also a product of nomadic lifestyle as it mostly consists of meat (including entrails) and milk. Cooking was also affected by geografic location of the region - Influence of Middle East and Miditerranean showed in the use of rice, savoury seasonings, vegetables and legumes and bread.

  Kazakhs are moselim (sunni) but as the nomadic way of life prevented large use of mosque institute the religious rules are not so strictly followed and there are no even rudimentaries of islamic fundamentalism.

  Many people of the country still live semi-nomadic way moving with herds from their farms to alpine pastures for summer living in Yurtas.

  Bride-stealing tradition still finds some use in rural areas.

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