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  Southern Kazakhstan has plenty of places that can compete world famous sites of our planet. At first, the country has many natural sites where you can enjoy untouched beauty of nature and landscapes. Ancient architecture sites that are spread through the region will amaze you with their shapes and stories. People of different origin and lifestyle living in this part of the world wiil become heroes of your best pictures.

  In any city of Southern Kazakhstan you have a choice interesting spots you can visit in one day. Many sites are located inside the cities or even across the street from your hotel. To take a full advantage of your visit you should hire a professional guide who will show you places from the very correct angle.

Located near Almaty gorgeous mountain valley with a ice skating complex and dam protecting city from fluds.
Beautiful Russian Ortodox church inside Almaty considered as world highest all-wood building.
City with accummulation of historical sights including the great mausoleum of Khodja Akhmed Yassavi.
Ruins of once great city which attempted to resist mongolian invasion.
Sayram is a mighty fortress, now in ruins, which was one of the most famous cities in the Syr Darya region.
A shining mirror reflecting the sky and mountains on its surface, surrounded on all sides by magnificent mountain peaks.
Three beautiful alpine lakes full of king’s trout, lies amid the unspoiled coniferous, mixed forests and alpine meadows at the altitude from 1800 to 2500 metres.
A valley with a natural accumulation of about 4000 unique petroglyphs. It feels like in ancient open-air art gallery.
Magestic nature, using winds and water as it's tools has created a beautiful scenary of Castle Valley.
A vast territory on the southeast of Kazakhstan with unspoiled nature, abundance of wildlife and vegetation, known for its Singing Sands and Beshatyr Saka burial mounds.
One of the most fascinating highlights of Southern Kazakhstan - the first nature reserve in Central Asia obtained the status of UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1934


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