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  The town of 310.000 people, located on the way of the ancient Great Silk Road and dated to 6th century A.D. By 11th century the town become the capital of Turkic Karahan State. Later Chinghiz Khan destroyed the town and it took 600 years to rose again with a new name of Aulie-Ata meaning Holy-Father and become a stage post on the north of Koandkhanat State. The places to see here include the small mausoleums of potentate Aulie-Ata Karahan and Dautbek Shahamansur - Mongol viceroy both are located in the city centre and dated to 11-13 centuries.

  12th century's Aishai-Bibi mausoleum located 18 km west of Taraz. It obtained the status of UNESCO-protected architectural monument because of picturesque fretwork, which covers the whole building.

  11th century Babadja-Khatun is the only mausoleum in Central Asia with 16-rib umbrella shaped dome. Arabic note on the wall says: “The woman from the country of Babadji”.

Aliases: Jambul, Jambyl, Taras.

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