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  Most of the cities of Kazakhstan are products of Russian and Soviet architecture. City planning most of the time rational with paralel streets decorated with a number of trees. Administrative and public buildings are located in the center of the city while appartament buildings raise on the edges. Almost in every city you can find one ore more museums of history, ethnography or memorials. The tradition of victory square (WWII) in the very city center as well as nice parks is followed widely.

Ex-capital of Kazakhstan is a nice green city that combines old, soviet and modern styles of architecture. Great historical museum. Good place to start or finish your trip in Central Asia.
Good place to stop for a day traveling between Tashkent and Almaty. Number of nice mausoleums of 9-12 ccenturies inside and around the city.
Good place to stop to explore ancient cities of Otyrar, Turkestan and Sairam.
The capital and business center of the country.
Three pilgrim trips to Turkistan equal to one hadj to mekkah as it is the place where the leader of sufi muslims found his last home - a great mausoleum. This place is definitely worth visiting for any tourist. (You don't have to be moslem to be impressed)
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