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Fantastic Asia Staff

Sergei Dubovik - General Director

Former professional guide for historical, cultural, trekking, climbing and alpine tours. Performs business contacts and administrates the office. Graduated from Kyrgyz Tourism Academy. Favorite sport - snowboarding (freeride), mountain biking

Daria Chernyshova - Program Manager

Fantastic Asia the only girl. Daria has switched a few companies before settled down at Fantastic Asia, these days performs business contacts and calculates prices for tours and services. Graduated from the Institute of Management, Business and Tourism. (Not married yet ;-)

Rustam Usmanov - Transport Manager

Nearly every one else calls him Rus - which is also a funny nickname for a Russian man. Rus calculates prices for transport services and takes care of company's vehicles. Very often drives his favorite 15 seats Mercedes Sprinter himself and loves use the air horn. Graduated from Kyrgyz Tourism Academy.

Alex Afonin - Guide/Driver/Cook/Mechanic/etc

Depending what are you up to, Alex will guide, drive, cook or fix a car for you. Very laconic person.

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