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  To get the most satisfaction of your trip we offer you to hire professionals that will deal with all travel routine allowing you to spend all your time just enjoying the fascinating landscapes, communicatiing with people, studying nature, history and culture of Central Asia.

Available professionals:

Price $/day

  Guide speaks english or your native language and will provide you with appropriate information about places you visit, tells you legends own memories and helps communicating with local people. Also guide deals with officials, and hotel/restaurant staff to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Trekking guide

  Usually speaks basic english. Trekking guide will show you the way during your trekking in Tien-Shan mountains, make sure you always take the right trail and right corner of ascending mountain passes. He also deals with officials and locals.


  Usually it is a student using summer vacations to earn some extra money. Travel interpreters have good knowledge of english or your native languge but if you need some translation for business meetings or conferences you should hire a special professional. Travel interpreter helps you to interact with people or trekking guide, find places and best deals, translate in museums and bargain on bazaar.

Porter (trekking)

  Trekking porters will help you transporting your equipment or luggage across the mountains. Depending on the route difficulty of the route porter can carry from 10 to 15 kilograms of your luggage (remember that porters also have to carry food, tents, clothes, etc. for themselves as well if you think that 10 kilogramms is not too much).

Cook (trekking)

  Cook will take care of preparing and serving breakfasts, lunches and dinner during you trekking. Cook is also liable for washing dishes and carrying a part of kitchen equipment.

Ascent guide

  Ascent guide will make sure you take the right route to the top of the peak you have selected, warn you about dangers, avalanches and make sure you are using your equipment right. Ascent guides also know many secrets of the tops you want to climb and know when and where to walk to stay out of danger as much as possible.

Heliski guide

  Helecopter ski guide will show you the best slopes, analyze the avalanche possibility and help you communicating with pilots.


  Workmen is helpfull if you are travelling in a big group. Workman is liable for setting and packing up tents and other equipment, loading and unloading luggage, assisting cook.

  Please keep in mind that you are liable for providing meals and accommodation for pesonnel in case they are away from home town or paying additional fees according to our pricelist.

  To hire any of listed or not listed professional please e-mail us at


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