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  We offer a range of short citytours around major cities of Central Asia as well as one day trips to nearby natural, historical and cultural sites. Every city of Central Asia has much to show tourists and business travellers. Among city highlights might be Parks, monuments, museums, sites of ancient settlements as well as beautiful canyons and valleys located right outside the city.

At the moment we offer short excursion services in the following cities:

Nice green city with a number of parks, soviet time monuments and combination of old houses, and soviet buildings. Many of exciting sights located outside Bishkek including ruins of ancient cities and beautiful valleys of Kyrgyzskiy Ala-Too.
A cosmopolitan center of Central Asia with nightclubs, boutiques, casinos flashing between vegetated streets, nice parks, churches, and museums. Beautiful valleys of Medeo and Big Almaty Gorge located just a couple of hours driving from the city.
Tashkent has many Islamic buildings (Mosques, Madrassahs). Being one of the oldest city of Central Asia with 18 centuries history it has many ancient buildings and sights carefully preserved by local people. There are also many sights outside of Tashkent.
The main attractions of this oasis in Karakum desert are: Neutrality arch, Tolkuchka bazaar, and a host of museums. Among sights outside the city are: Old Nisa, Turkmenbashi horse stud, Anau Mosque, Chuli mountain resort and Kov-Ata undergroung lake.
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Please e-mail us at if the city you would like to order a tour around is not listed here. We will arrange a tour for you in any city of Central Asia.

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