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Alakol lake. Click to enlarge

  Mountain lake Alakol located on the altitude of 3532 meters over sea level in Terskey Ala-Too range of Central Tien-Shan mountains. It takes it's waters from a glacier and finishes in a gorgeous waterfall.

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Alakol waterfall. Click to enlarge
Camping on Lala-kol lake. Click to enlarge

  Camping on Ala-Kol lake after a few days of trekking along the beautiful valleys of Tien-Shan mountains. You can get to the lake only by feet or helicopter. It is off-limits for cars or horses.

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Camping on Alakol lake. Click to enlarge
Alakol lake. View from Alakol pass. Click to enlarge

  Trekking over Alakol pass 3860 meters over sea level with a most fascinating view of the highest snow covered peaks of Central Tien-Shan from the top.

Climbing near Alakol lake. Click to enlarge
Altyn-Arashan valley. Click to enlarge

  Beautiful Altyn-Arashan valley known for it's natural hot springs that make you feel 10 years younger afther taking a bath.

Altyn Arashan hot springs. Click to enlarge
Ancient Burana Tower. Click to enlarge

  Famous Burana Tower, an open air museum that houses ruins of ancient city Balasagyn of 9th century that along with others raised a great scientist and philosophist of that time Yusuf Balasaguni. There is a great collection of ancient Turkic grave markers of pre-islamic era of Kyrgyzstan called Balbals.

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Balbal - ancient Turkic grave marker. Click to enlarge
Mountain meadow with horses. Click to enlarge

  It is very common in Kyrgyzstan to see cattle grazing along the road or a walking path. Among them are beutiful horses, cows, camels and yaks on higher meadows.

Camel. Click to enlarge
Sunset on Issyk-Kul lake. Click to enlarge

  The real pearl of Tien-Shan mountains and Kyrgyzstan is unique Issyk-Kul lake. It is second highest navigable lake in the world. Lake contains some salinity that is right enough to keep water tear-clear but very comfortable for swimming.

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Issyk-Kul lake. Click to enlarge
Rock castles of Konorchek. Click to enlarge

  Wonderland of red cliffs in Konorchek. Winds and water shaped red sandstone into bizarre shapes and figures. Konorchek is a great place for hiking and trekking.

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Sandstone figures in Konorchok. Click to enlarge
Osh. Vies from Holy Sulaiman Mountain. Click to enlarge

  Osh city in the south of Kyrgyzstan was once a major trade center of the region and people still carefully keep traditions of their ancestors. On the right picture mausoleum complex in Uzgen.

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Mausoleum and minaret in Uzgen. Click to enlarge
Kyrgyz yurt. Click to enlarge

  Yurt is a Kyrgyz national dwelling that still finds much use in asian countries. This great invention of ancient nomads is made of felt and provides comfort all year round.

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Kyrgyz yurts. Click to enlarge
Tash-Rabat caravansarai. Click to enlarge

  Tash-Rabat is an ancient caravansarai, a place where caravans used to stay on their way to/from China. It was build in 15th century and still attracts travellers of hte Great Silk Road with it's beauty and peaceful scenary around. Great place to forget about our crazy world for a day.

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TashRabat caravansarai. Click to enlarge

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