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  The following holidays listed here are official ones. We were not intend to list all holidays related to professions etc, but highlighted those which are official days off. All government agencies, schools, banks and most businesses are closed on these days. Please note if a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the following day also becomes a day-off.

New Year's Day
1 Jan
Celebrating the start of the New Year. Christmass trees, gifts, fireworks.
Christmas Day
7 Jan
Religious holiday, day off, gifts, visit churches. A celebration commemorating the birth of Jesus.
Fatherland defender Day
23 Feb
Formerly the official Soviet Army Day in the Soviet Union. Men get special attention and usually receive gifts from women. In fact being an anolog to Father's Day in the west. Military parade on the main square and fire works when it gets dark.
Int. women's Day
8 Mar
Flowers, perfume and chocolate for women. The males do all house works. Women also get special attention and usuallyr eceive flowers and gifts.
National Revolution Day
24 Mar
A newly intruduced holiday after a tulip revolution of 2004. Not much happens around as people have diffrent feelings about it.
21 Mar
Asian "New Year's Day". Family celebtrations. Street festivals.
Labour Day
1 May
Labor Day, commemorating Kyrgyzstani workers. Street festivals, parades.
Constitution day
5 May
Commemorating the establishment of the Constitution of
the Kyrgyz Republic. Not much happens on this day.
Victory Day
9 May
Commemoration of Soviet Union victory over Germany in WWII. Military Parade. Greeting veterans. Fireworks.
Independence Day
31 Aug
Commemoration of independence from Soviet Union. Street festivals, fireworks.
Great October's Socialistic Revolution Day
7 Nov
Kyrgyzstan is the only county in the world celebrating 7 Nov as Great October's Socialistic Revolution Day. Street festivals on Lenin square aka Old Square, near the monument of Lenin.

Note: Some Muslim festivals fall on different dates every year. Like Orozo ait and Kurman ait are timed according to local sightings of various phases of the moon. The exact dates are established by a decree of the President of Kyrgyz Republic.

  The Kyrgyzstani people also celebrate following religious holidays you should be aware of.
Russian Ortodox Easter An Orthodox celebration of the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated on the second Sunday in April. Official day-off. Charch visiting. Baking special bread "Kulich"
Orozo-Ait (Ramadan) Begins the first day of the month of Ramadan in the Islamic calendar, a month of daytime fasting. The fast is observed as a celebration of thanksgiving as well as a way of gaining social empathy- feeling the pain of those less fortunate people who do not have enough food. (Practiced by southerners more than by northerners.)
Kurman-Ait The feast of Breaking Fast, the end of Ramadan. People organize big feasts and celebrate with family and friends.

In addition to official holidays and days-off there are also some popular holidays that are celebrated by local folks.
Feb 14. St.Valentine's Day A day to exchange love cards between couples and friends to show how much you appreciate your second half. Mostly celebrated by young people.

Apr 1.
April Fool's Day

A day for playing harmless jokes on friends and relatives.

Note: International organisations and foreign embassies are closed on both Kyrgyz and their respective national holidays. Make sure you plan your visits to places and other activities in advance.

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