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  Kyrgyz culture has really much to see and to learn. It is expressed in traditional nomadic melodies, national horse games, beautiful mountain patterns in handicrafts and jewellery, great historical epic poems, colorfull national clothing, delicious cuisine, etc. Below we have highlighted a few most attractive cultural activities of Kyrgyz people. Click on one of the links to study the topic:

Traditional Kyrgyz folk music, singing and dancing. National Kyrgyz musical instruments, etc.
Kyrgyz nationsl games: horse games, wrestling, board games and more..
The Great Kyrgyz Heroic Epos Manas that contains more then a million lines and is a true reflection of Kyrgyzstan's history.
Kyrgyz traditional clothes are very colorful and different through the regions...
The great invention of ancient nomads that serves as a perfect dwelling remaining light and easy-packable structure.
Kyrgyz traditional foodways. Delicious manty, plov, besh-barmak, chak-chak and much more...
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