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View on the lake from Ala-kol pass

  Lies on the popular trek routes to/from Altyn-Arashan or Karakol gorges, this mountainous and crystal pure alpine lake set at 3532 metres above sea level. The lake is 2.3 km wide and 700 metres across, frozen from October to May. Taking it's waters from a glacier, limited by rocky walls of celestial peaks it disgorges into a nice waterfall which will splash you with it's nice cool moisture after coutineous hike.

  The lake's colour changes from violet to dark blue to pink, depending on the time of day and the weather. Trekking by the lake you have a chance to see a flock of Karelini sheep (Tien-Shan mountain sheep) or Ibex. Snow leopards also inhabit this area but this predator is so carefull that it is almost impossible to see it.

Aliases: Alakol, Alakul, Ala-Kul.

Alakol lake


Camping on Alakul lake


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