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  On the way to Issyk-Kul lake, right on the exit from Bo'om valley the one can see red aeolian (wind) outcroppings, looking like some fantastic skyscrapers - but this is only allusion to Konorchek. Konorchek itself is much further up to the mountains: the entire system of large and small sinuous and deep canyons with vertical walls.

  Looking something like Grand Canyons and placed 125 km east of Bishkek it could be a good spot to shot a movie about Mars or extraterrestrial life on other planets. Totally isolated area, far a way from villages and roads makes this place uncrowned and untouched.

  Some detached objects shaped and carved by time, wind and water , with a dozen of your imagination may turn into people, animals or castles of bizarre shapes and forms.

  Some parts of the canyons have its own names and refer to the scenery: Hiroshima, bobsleigh, sky scraper, fairy tail, grand canyon and aeolian castles. They are all the products of erosion which lasts 1.5-2 million years.

  Konorchek is placed in some wonder microclimatic zone, the temperature of the air is notably higher here than elsewhere in the country, there are almost no precipitations during the year and marked change in vegetation - all plants are tend to be much lager than usual.

  The place is located approximately 2 hours driving from Bishkek (capital) plus about one hour hiking to Aeolian Castles. To explore the entire system of canyons can take something between 7-10 days.

Remember some areas should be avoided unless you are with a local guide who know the area.

Aliases: Kurgan-Tilek, Red rocks, Red cliffs, sandstone kingdom, Komarchek, Konorchek, Konorchak.
Castles of Konorchok


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