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  The lake become known because of it's magnificent neighbour - Khan-Tengri - one of the most beautiful peaks of Tien-Shan mountain kingdom, which has been attracting pilgrims from the time immemorial.

  Outstanding Russian explorers of Central Asia: Semenov-Tienshanskiy, Severtsev, Ignatiev supposed that Khan-Tengri is the head of huge mountain junction in Meridional range.

  In 1903, Mertzbaher, attempting approach to Khan-Tengri peak, reached the upper grounds of South Inylchek where he surprisingly invented two discovers: First he realized that Khan-Tengri located in one of the spurs of Meridional range and therefore cannot be a head of the junction. Secondly he discovered the alpine lake on the right side of South Inylchek glacier at the conjunction with North Inylchek glacier. Since that time the lake has been agitating the scholars from all over the world. They refer to the lake as: Mystique and unique, vanishing at the end of the summer and appearing again next year…

  The lake has two basins, set on different levels. The upper lake is presently measured 2 km long and 1 km across, while the second, the lower lake is 3,5 km long and 1,2 km across and set 400 metres lower than first. The lakes are separated from each other by icy barrier, so the water flow over it.

   Once a year, usually at the first decade of August, then the lake is almost full with melted waters, it bursts under the glacier and nearly 150 tons of water stoop down valley sweeping everything on the way. It continues around 5-7 days then the cycle starts again. Then there is no water in the lakes, appear tight uliginous bottom with fantastic icy formations break off the glacier body.

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