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Karavansarai Tas-Rabat

115 km south of Naryn, one can visit the beautifully preserved 15th century Tash Rabat caravansarai. Its importance for the science conclude not only because it is the latest building of ancient architecture in Kyrgyzstan, but also in unusual plan of the building, the kind of row materials and other things.

  Firstly the karavansarai was mentioned by Mohamed Hider, the author, lived in 16th century. He supposed that Tash-Rabat was built by Mohamed Khan, who ruled in Mogulistan in the 1st part of 14th century.

Misterious Tash-Rabat

  Talking about the purposes of Tash-Rabat, the scientists suppose that functionally it is a caravanserai (the hotel) set on the brunch of Silk Road, but some other details, folk legends and stories give an ability to think Tash-Rabat was built by Nestorians, and served as Nestorian Church in the past.

Aliases: Caravan saray, Tasch-Rabat, caravanserai, caravansaray, caravanseray.

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