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Inylchek glacier. Click to enlarge!

  Located in the east part of Kyrgystan on the Kyrgyz-China border, this 58 km long glacier in fact one the biggest glaciers in the world. Covering the area of 613.2 sq km, there are 121 glaciers in the same system. Shared on south (Kyrgyzstan side) and North (Kazakhstan side) arms, both glaciers meet each other on the unique Merzbaher Lake known for its filling and explode cycles. Every year the lake bursts its icy bottom and explodes into Inylchek River below the glacier for only 7-10 days. Then starts a new cycle of filling. By this time Inylchek river outlay increases up to 700 cube metres per second when in other time it is only 30 cube metres per second. The lake is set at 3304 metres above sea level, it is 4 km long, 1 km across and 70 metres deep at its deepest.

Inylchek glacier picture from space. Click to enlarge!

  This is the area of serious mountaineering and demanding trekking with a number of peaks over 5000 metres and huge variety of different climbing/trekking possibilities. The highest is being Pobeda (Victory) peak, 7439 metres, the second highest in CIS, the most northern seven-thousand metres peak in the world and also one of the most demanding peaks in Central Asia. Just across Pobeda Peak there is Khan-Tengri peak of 6995, one of the most beautiful marble peaks.

  If you don't belong to climbers you still can order a helicopter tour to Inylchek glacier and Merzbacher lake which will become one of your best memories of life.

Aliases: Engilchek glacier, Enilchek glacier, Ingilchek glacier, Ingylchek glacier, Inilchek glacier, Inyltshek glacier.

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