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Sary Chelek reserve. Click to enlarge!

  Sary Chelek nature reserve is located in the west of the country in the valley of Chatkalskiy range in the Hodja-Ata river basin where apple woods meet wallnut forest. Highest mountain ranges and blossoming valleys, high windshaped cliffs and rushing rivers, green woods and sky-blue lakes, green-grass fields and ice-shining summits, swamps and dry steppes - everything is represented on a small territory - a kingdom of majestic beauty.

  Flora of the reserve is represented by more then a thousand species. Sary Chelek gives a home to about 160 species of birds and 34 sorts of mumbles among which snow leopard, centralasian lynx, tien-shan brown bear, golden eagle that are protected by international red book.

Sary Chelek lake

  Plateu located on subalpine level of reserve is a monument of ancient ecological disaster. Natural dam covering 15 sq km locking lake Sary Chelek a result of collapse of two mountain ridges. Rock slides blocked the river forming lake Sary Chelek. Lake apperaed to be 7,5 km long and 240 meters deep.

  Beautiful summit "Mustor" of 4200 meters in hight, always covered by snow is rising over Sary Chelek.

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