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  Kyrgyzstan is a real treasure for adventure people. It is a big accumulation of natural and historical sites. Untouched nature reserves, alpine lakes mounted in a setting of alpine peaks, colorfull canyons and forests amaze with their untouched beauty. Some sites are accessable withing a few hours drive from your hotel, others are hided in the mountains and require you to travel few days staing in tent.

Natural reserve with a number of peaks to climb. Excellent place to acclimatize. One hour driving from Bishkek.
Open air museum of history. 80 km from Bishkek.
Ruins of ancient city Nevaket (6 century). 80 km from Bishkek.
Ancient stone sculptures. Bigest collection near Burana Tower.
Natural site of red windshaped sandcliffs. 140 km on the road plus 1-2 hrs walking.
Second largest alpine lake in the world wraped in a setting of snowcaped peaks of Tien-Shan. Nice hotels. 3-4 hrs from Bishkek on the road.
Beautiful valley of "Seven oxen". Excellent trekking area. One hour driving from Karakol.
Gorgeous mountaing valley with natural hot springs. Great trekking area. Three hours by offroad vehicle from Karakol.
Beautiful alpine lake starting from the glacier. One-two days trekking from Altyn-Arashan/Karakol valley.
Big alpine lake with completely untouched nature surrounded by alpine pastures. Yurt-Inns. One day driving from Bishkek.
Famous nature reserve with 6 alpine lakes and nice fruit and wallnut forests. One day driving from Djalal-Abad.
One of the largest glaciers of the planet surrounded by highest peaks of Tien-Shan mountains. One day by offroad vehicle from Karakol.
15th century karavansaray of the Great Silk Road located in a very peaceful valley near Chinese border. Two hours driving from Naryn.
High mountain pass on Kyrgyzstan-China border. Road goes trough pastures with shepherds yurts along the road. Two-three hours from Naryn besides border rutine.


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