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  Most of cities in this country were esteblished during the period when Kyrgyzstan became part of Russia or during Soviet period but some towns were there centuries before. Osh, for example was there 3000 years ago. Bishkek - the capital of the country built on the ruins of few ancient cities during russian and soviet periods. Each city has something to show you; it can be history or architecture, modern places or backstreets. In some places you will be amazed with modern, top level nightclubs but in neighbouring touwn you can find very relaxing oriental everyday life.

Bishkek -  
Is modern city, the gateway to the country. Luxury hotels along with traditional asian bazars. Many sites around that can be visited in one day.
Osh - 
Unofficial southern capital of Kyrgyzstan. The Holy Sulaiman Mountain is watching the city to make sure that all asian traditions are followed and famous southern hospitality is still on it's level.
Djalal-Abad -  
Here you will be surrounded by southern hospitality and cotton fields.
Talas - 
Nice town surrounded by mountains and forests. Still very few tourists have been there.
Tokmok - 
Industrial town with a number of historical and natural sites located around. Former capital of the country.
Cholpon-Ata - 
The center of resert area of Issyk-Kul lake. Good small historical musiem and huge accumulation of Petroglyphs (ancient stone inscriptions).
Naryn - 
Former richest with sheep region had to come back to traditional nomadic traditions after great collapse of Soviet Empire.
Batken - 
In soviet times was city of miner now became the land of wild apricots.
Karakol - 
Was established as a military garrison to guard borders with China in our days administrative center of Issyk-Kul region
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