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   Kyrgyzstan has seven regions ranging from Kazakhstan in the North to Uzbekistan in the West and Tajikistan in the South-West to the borders of China in the south. All regions are beautiful in its own way and have a lot of amazing sights to show the outside world. Some of them have a number of high peaks of over 7000 m above sea level, another has many alpine lakes and forests, next will amaze you with the rich historical heritage and well preserved cultural continuity.

Chui (Bishkek) -

Placed on the North of the country, Chui region hosts the capital of Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek as well as a lot of historical, natural and cultural sites - well worth to visit. It is also a start point for a number of the treks in valleys of Kyrgyz range whose peaks towered up into the sky right on the background of Bishkek.

Osh -

South part of Kyrgyzstan. It hosts the South capital of Kyrgyzstan - Osh - The township with 3000 years of history and the hometown of Zahiriddin Mukhanad Babur - Famous Uzbek poet, thinker, historian and statesman; founder of the dynasty and empire of Timurids. The region has rich settled history and traditions it is also the start point for Lenin peak 7134 m and other Pamir-Alay summits.

Issyk-Kul -

North-east part of Kyrgyzstan. Beautiful alpine region with abundant trekking, fishing and hunting opportunities. Rich history and nomadic culture. Gorgeous Issyk Kul lake - the 2nd largest alpine lake in the world after lake Titicaca in south America is placed here and occupies the largest part of the valley.

Naryn -

South-east part of the country which borders with Western China. Totally nomadic region with 98% of local (Kyrgyz) population. The region is home for high mountains, lakes, rivers, yaks and yurts.

Djalal-Abad -

South part of Kyrgyzstan. Warm southern climate and hospitality. The one can see huge hydroelectric power stations on great Naryn river and huge cotton field father down the valley. It is also the home the unique walnut forests which cover the hills around Djalal-Abad town in great abundance.

Talas -

North-west. Land of the great epic hero Manas. Beautiful nature, grave of Manas and cute horseback treks to a number of places incl beautiful Sary Chelek lake start from here.

Batken -
South-west of Kyrgyzstan and a very corner of the country. It is the home for Kyrgyz Patagonia - the area with a score of granite peaks yet with much less severe weather. Wild apricots and cotton also planted here in great numbers.
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